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We’re a music & art collective / creator house in Peckham.


With our own recording and film studios, live events space and 8 bedrooms, our unique converted pub in the heart of one of the most buzzing areas in London is the perfect environment for creators to collaborate.

Live streams

Graphic design and motion graphics

sweat gig

Gigs and events

Osian Janaer

Graphic design and motion graphics

AJ Tracey Boiler Room

Live streams

Chloe Curry


Jasmine Thompson Mad World

Music videos

Teddy Corsica  Lightningboy Studio session

(composers, producers, performers)

A few of the people who have passed through our doors...

13XL - Music Duo

Jamie XX - Recording Artist

Novelist - MC

Crushed Beaks - Band

Tom Unlikely - Venue Manager / Booker / DJ

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof

Tom Odell - Recording Artist

Mark Pritchard - Producer

Paul White - Producer

Ben Assiter - Recording Artist and Drummer for James Blake

AJ Tracey - MC

Osian Jenaer - Artist

Jessica Quinlan - Designer

Phoebe Gardner - Journalist

Georgie Lillington - Arts Management

Talia Pittman - Neuroscientist Phd, UCL

Sheiva - Recording Artist

boyanlevchev - Recording Artist

A House in the Trees - Band

Ramara - Recording Artist

Sweat - Band

Prae - Recording Artist

Xao - Sound Artist

Mystified - Recording Artist

Roo - Recording Artist

Parliament of the Owls - Music Duo

Ixian Optical - Audiovisual Duo

Gray for Days - Visual Artist

Sabina Hellström - Musician / Writer

MOOGZ - Hacker / Curator

Isaac Fidler - Sound Artist

Louise Martinez - Sound Artist

Remi Martin - Recording Artist

Anastasia Vukicevic - Promoter

Tinai Zivengwa - Artist Liaison

Bless Elska - Visual Artist

Scott Bowley - Recording Artist

Ed Holloway - Architect 

Chl0ecurry - Burlesque Performer/Designer

Lightningboy - Recording Artist

Henny Seear - Recording Artist

Cherry B - DJ / Recording Artist

Andy Blake - DJ / Label Boss

Gigi FM - DJ

Black Midi - Band

Lynks - Musician / Performer

Morgana Rubini - Poet

Shame - Band

Muva of Earth - Recording Artist

Obongjayar - Recording Artist

Yussef Dayes - Recording Artist

Esme Blegvad - Illustrator

Hot Desk - Radio Show

Byfyn - Recording Artist

A House in the Trees - Band

Ramara - Recording Artist

Ally Andrews - Designer

Jude Jansen - DJ / Filmmaker

Waterbaby - Recording Artist

Patrick Lyons - Poet / MC

Tom Rose - Musician / Artist / Slip Label

Saphire Rose Favell - Art Director

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