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FORLUCK Visa Fundraiser

Since moving to the uk by herself as a teenager, Elif (forluck) has carved out a name for herself as a videographer and photographer in London’s underground music scene. She’s done all this, while completing a degree, which, as a non-UK citizen, she has had to fully self-fund, raising a total of £10,000 in tuition fees.

Just weeks after paying off her tuition fees, she’s now been hit with a further £2,000 bill that she needs to raise in order to apply for a Visa to stay in the UK and pursue her career.

Elif has been an incredible friend and support network for so many of us. Anyone who knows Elif knows she would never ask for help herself, so this event is our way of showing our appreciation. Hopefully it can be a small help towards the astonishing amount of hard work she has already put in, and keep her here in the UK with us (forever we hope).

We’ve got five hours of incredible musicians and DJs, at AMP studios on October 27th so come through and show your support!


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