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Rising Sun x Independent Venue Week

Our fundraising campaign in 2021 was a huge success. We raised enough money in the form of a mortgage and loan stock in order to be able to purchase The Rising Sun (the building we have been renting since 2015). Unfortunately, due to a change of heart from our landlord, he has decided he no longer wishes to sell the property and so we are actively searching for a suitable replacement building.

We have various costs associated with continuing our house hunt such as survey fees and interest payments on our loans. While we have adequate reserves in place to cover these expenses for the time being, this fundraiser is one mechanic for us to keep these reserves topped up and ensure we remain in a strong financial position to move swiftly on a purchase, should we find a suitable property.

All proceeds go to The Rising Sun Housing Co-op, supporting our aim to find and buy a suitable building that can facilitate our music/art collective's creative endeavours forever!


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